The Perfect Gift

Leaders in Gear is the perfect gift idea for any leader in your life. Click here for a preview PDF and here for an excerpt PDF. 

"I read your book Leaders in Gear. Every time I'm having trouble with something whether its making a decision or planning something I take a look at it and it always helps me out."
Student Leader


Leaders in Gear Overview

Leaders in Gear
"Inspire good work from yourself, your team and your presentations."

Leaders in Gear will inspire you to take action and get your leadership in gear in three areas of your life: your personal leadership journey, your interaction with your team and any speeches, workshops or presentations you give. "Good work" refers to not only striving for excellence in everything you do, but also working to be an ethical leader of strong character. You will discover that Leaders in Gear is full of stories, quick tips and very specific strategies to move you closer to those ends.


Leaders in Gear Credo Poster Updated Available!

Click here to download a legal-sized PDF of the new Leaders in Gear Credo poster to display in your office or classroom.