Written For the Busy Leader

I intentionally wrote Leaders in Gear as a resource for busy professionals and student leaders. 

• The information is tangible and applicable today. 
• The material is bundled into three separate application areas: personal development, interpersonal skills and presentation improvement. 
• Each chapter is brief and concise. The longest chapter is only five pages. Get it quick and get back to work. 
• Each chapter begins with a Big MO. MO stands for Motor Oil. This is the main take-away from each chapter. The concept or strategy that greases the wheels of the gears of leadership. You can even pick and choose quickly by browsing the full list of Big MOs at the back of the book. You can preview the Big MOs from the team section here - http://leadersingear.blogspot.com/2010/03/big-mo.html

Click Buy Now to order your copy today. If you are a team leader or educator and would like to order multiple copies, email me (rhett (at) yournextpeaker.com) to learn about our bulk discounts. Thank you.