The Big M.O.

One of the cool parts of Leaders in Gear is the little widget at the first of each chapter called The Big M.O.  Here is a screenshot of the first chapter that shows the first Big M.O. and explains it:

For all the student leaders and teachers who will use Leaders in Gear for speech, workshop or classroom material, when you put all sixty of the Big M.O.s together you have an awesome collection of quick leadership workshop titles, quotes and thoughts to share with others. Here are the Big M.O.s from the Get Yourself in Gear section:

(Chapter Title - Big M.O.)

1. Get in Leader Gear - Every useful brush has a canvas upon which to leave its mark.
2. How Leaders Think - If you can’t be excellent at it, don’t be it at all.
3. Avoid Entitlement - High performers are in love with their craft.
4. Healthy Stress - Keeping fuel tanks full protects healthy stress.
5. Get and Stay Happy - Focus on giving praise, building others and serving the greater good.
6. Commit - People give their time to what is really important to them.
7. Grow - Challenging goals are growth food.
8. Wired for Success - Push the boundaries.
9. Find the Time - Make time for Epic Journeys.
10. Stay Honest - Attach a strong positive anchor to the truth.
11. Create Cool Stuff - Cool ideas are made from elbow grease.
12. Solve Problems - Focus on the cause, not the conditions.
13. How Leaders Fail - Success is determined by what you do with failure.
14. Achieving Great Goals - Epic goals get done by forgetting how to give up.
15. Make an Impact - Big impact comes from small, mundane acts.
16. Great First Impressions - Listen and ask open-ended questions.
17. Loyalty to Organizations - Be clear and loud with your affiliations.