The Team Section’s Big MOs

The Big MO is the one big idea that is the anchor for each chapter.  MO stands for Motor Oil.  The leader behavior, trait, skill or talent that is most needed to add grease to your Leader Gear and move the ideas in the chapter forward.  Following are the Big MOs from Section two.
19.  Negotiate - Be prepared for a no, but fight for a yes.
20.  Work a Room - People remember how you made them feel.
21.  Handle Drama - Foster healthy relationships.
22.  Bring the Best out of Others - Decide what an amazing job looks like.
23.  Connect - Treat others like they want to be treated.
24.  Lead Without Being Bossy - Use care-isma.
25.  Apologize - Deal with the relationship first.
26.  Build Trust - Build trust across all levels.
27.  Listening Like a Leader - Fully listening is rare.
28.  Motivate - People need inspired to give their best.
29.  Find the Good in Others - Begin by looking for the good.
30.  Coach - Ask questions to strengthen trust.
31.  Persuade - A big challenge must have a big purpose.
32.  Negative People - Negative people need evidence to change.
33.  Controlling Leaders - Controlling leaders lead from fear.
34.  Deliver Bad News - The medium is as important as the message.
35.  Brainstorm - The loudest people do not always have the best ideas.
36.  Get Teams to Work - Individuals, not teams, do things.
37.  Run Meetings - Take control or the meeting will control you.
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