"In 'Leaders in Gear,' Rhett Laubach has isolated and employed a useful metaphor for the challenge facing every leader: how to cultivate the virtuous habits and practices that create effective personal and organizational leadership, and how to sustain them over time. Equally applicable for the seasoned or the aspiring leader, 'Leaders in Gear' will provide the young leader with a roadmap of the essential elements of success and the veteran with engaging reminders and pithy examples that can challenge and inspire a renewed focus on first principles. In particular, Rhett's disciplined application of the concept of the 'Big MO' creates a compelling touchstone equally applicable to those of us in business, education, government or other sectors of service who can, from time to time, forget to focus on the traits essential to 'greasing the gears' of leadership."

Jerome Loughridge
President, Black Mesa Energy Services
Former White House Fellow