The Overview

My new leadership book, Leaders in Gear, will be available in April 2010.  The book is written for any individual who wants strategies for improving their personal leadership, team leadership and presentation skills.  Because I work with hundreds of elected student leaders every year in the CTSO (Career and Technical Student Organizations) and Student Council worlds, I had their interests and needs in mind first and foremost.  Leaders in Gear is full of fresh, new leadership stories, acronyms and teaching lists - all fit neatly into short, quickly digestible chapters.

Leaders in Gear will end up having around 60 chapters.  There are three sections:  Get Your Self in Gear, Get Your Team in Gear and Get Your Presentations in Gear.  Here is the chapter list as of today:

1. Get in Leader Gear
2. How Leaders Think
3. Avoid Entitlement
4. Healthy Stress
5. Get and Stay Happy
6. Commit
7. Grow
8. Wired for Success
9. Find the Time
10. Stay Honest
11. Create Cool Stuff
12. Solve Problems
13. How Leaders Fail
14. Achieving Great Goals
15. Make an Impact
16. Great First Impressions
17. Loyalty to Organizations
18. Negotiate
19. Work a Room
20. Handle Drama
21. Bring the Best Out of Others
22. Connect
23. Lead Without Being Bossy
24. Apologize
25. Build Trust
26. Listen Like a Leader
27. Motivate
28. Find the Good in Others
29. Coach
30. Persuade
31. Negative People
32. Controlling Leaders
33. Deliver Bad News
34. Brainstorm
35. Get Teams to Work
36. Run Meetings
37. Seven Speaking Tips
38. Five Speaking Misconceptions
39. Three Common Pitfalls
40. Create Memorable Messages
41. Control Nerves
42. SMART Presenters
43. Develop Presentations
44. Small Group Credibility
45. Lead Small Group Discussions
46. Warm Up the Audience
47. Keeping Attention in a Workshop
48. Difficult Audience Members
49. Four Audience Types
50. Great Keynotes
51. Unplanned Keynote Moments
52. Concentrate Your Room
53. Your Personality Matters
54. Great Speaker Introductions
55. Powerful Slide Shows
56. Perfect Banquet Talks